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Which Way America?

By Charlie Sensi.
September 29, 2017.

Nowadays we have to contend with ELECTED representatives telling their constituents ho-ha at town hall meetings “I don’t have to agree with you” or “You don’t pay my salary. This is a service I am doing” or, for them to send letters to their constituents’ employers “alerting” said employer that their employee, one of the people he was elected to represent, is an anti-Trump activist & as such should be viewed in a hostile manner!! Maybe we should just stick to the appellation “politicians” & stop expecting them to act otherwise?

When it was whispered that “anyone could become President of these United States” it was with caveats & wishful thinking. When Mr. Barack (allegedly birthed in Nairobi) was elected, it was shouted (from the mountaintops?) as an almost all-encompassing reality! It appears we didn’t figure that, the same applies in the negative too. The orange-colored, grafted hair crowned, hubris-driven sub-cretin gaffing & blustering his way through the mundane, the profane & the complex in the motherland, appears to be proving with gusto that, for damn sure ANYONE at all can be President of The United States. I suspect that doesn’t automatically make that person the leader of the free world like it used to (whatever that means or wherever that is)?……..particularly if his approach is a myopic (version of) “America first”.

What do you tell your children? Especially those of you that have more foresight that I do? What about the ones that support this piece of fecal matter: how is it that we see so vastly different from them & think we are right & they wrong? What do they see when they look in the mirror, before they proceed to explain (their version of the same?) to their own children?

First of all, I “see things in black & white”. It doesn’t mean that because I unequivocally know the difference between good & bad or moral & immoral or fair & unfair or polite & impolite or mean & empathetic, that I won’t do the latter. It just means that I don’t make excuses for it when I or any other person gets caught nor do I expect a parade for not doing the wrong thing….. nowadays a.k.a. not getting caught. That may have let a sense of self righteousness seep in & as such, the periodic introspection is now due early. Some of these folks also claim to see & black & white also….I mean literally too a.k.a. white privilege also less diplomatically known as “white power” as evidenced by the recent brazen events of Charlottesville, VA. Looks like there are a bunch of us fools running around??!!! In the process of what I am told is liberal equivocation, the saying “everything is relative” comes up; where are those connections now? Where is all this Christian good will & perspective now? & how is it okay that our representatives (ruling overlords?) don’t have the same pension plan, health insurance, level of job security, & answerability as we apparently do?

Don’t even let me get started on police brutality & black lives matter & armed road rage/preponderance of guns & freedom of speech that allows no consequences with worst case, one offering a tepid, almost apology without an iota of contrition.

Sensi rests!

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