The Return of the Mack! Part 2 – 9/11 and Beyond.

By Eustace C. Jackson.

May 7, 2016.

On Tuesday, September the 11th of 2001, Americans and indeed the entire world, experienced a day that has thus far surpassed all others in infamy. 19 misguided bastard miscreants, mostly of Saudi origin (may 72 sodomizing demons each torment each of you in Lucifer’s eternal inferno), in a well-planned and synchronized series of dastardly acts, wrecked havoc on the US homeland, culminating in the loss of over 3,000 innocent and mostly civilian lives and the partial and total destructions of a couple iconic American edifices, the stately Pentagon building and the kingly Twin Towers respectively.
Standing a few days later on a pile of rubbles that used to be the Twin Towers, GW, bullhorn in hand, made a few off-the-cuff remarks that galvanized the entire world behind the cause of justice and accountability. Then he came down. Little did we know that his rumble on the rubbles was his finest moment before and since. As he descended from the rubbles, so did his game plan. At a time when Americans were rattled, roused and ready to contribute to the cause, in the rare event where the yearnings of we the people to deny ourselves and sacrifice for the greater cause was at par with the sorely needed resources, not only for waging a war of retribution, but also for national infrastructure rebuilding and other works projects that would’ve potentially rebooted a flailing economy and what did GW do? He cut taxes – which disproportionately favors the wealthy and their non-stimulatting ostentatious spending and ordered us to go shopping. He even cut us rebate checks! Why? Because h is sharp-as-a-whip genius advisers had fibbed him that the American-led so called “coalition of the willing” would be welcomed on the streets of Baghdad like a liberating force, with rose petals in their paths a la King Jaffe Jaffa of Zamunda. They even started to divvy up Iraq’s crude (read “Harley Button”) and famously excluded France from the impending slicky bazaar, as punishment for taking a pass on the Iraq war.
With the benefit of hindsight, we the people fully recognize the folly of the ill-conceived war in Iraq, especially after it became apparent that the stated reason for this war of aggression turned out to be a false excuse.
GW surrounded himself with “daddy’s” guys and they took advantage of his inexperience and naiveté. They neglected to put him in rememberance of glorious days gone by, when discretion was the better part of valor, when a certain President G. H. W. Bush summoned a real coalition and charged it with a very specific and clear mission to shake Saddam out of Kuwait. And though the mission brought it (the coalition) to within a slingshot of Saddam’s Baghdad, the Commanding General, Norman Schwartzkopf, took a knee, turned around and headed home. Talk about Mission Accomplished! The wily commander-in-chief, himself a war vet, former congressman and ex-CIA chief understood that even dictators had a place in the world order. Junior? Not so much. And yet something peculiar happened in the early days of this peculiar election cycle – surprise surprise!
Eustace and others have written extensively about the liability Jeb’s family name posed to his presidential candidacy. He attempted a name change to an exclamation point but we weren’t hoodwinked. He then fumbled a fairly easy question (knowing what you know now would you have invaded Iraq) for an entire week. And then when his dear big brother was criticized, the so-called “low energy” man came to live and leapt to his dear brother’s defence saying in part that “…. we were attacked AND my brother kept us safe”! Whaaaat? Did you hear that folks? You did? So where’s the outrage? “And” he kept us safe? How do you explain that to the families of the 2996 souls departed? And over 6000 wounded? This is what drives Eustace gaga! You see, “and” is a conjunction, so remove it and the two statements stand on their own merits, vis-a-vis “we were attacked”, “my brother kept us safe”. Could this be an innocent grammatical error or an incomplete statement? Perhaps he meant to say “and h e kept us safe thereafter”? Or worse still, was this a deliberate and boldfaced attempt to distort history? Napoleon Bonaparte did say that history is a lie told repeatedly over time. Gals n boys, we must stay on high alert and relentlessly safeguard our past, lest we forfeit our future. Because past is prologue.
In reality, the only credible fact Jeb could’ve stated on this subject matter would sound something more like “we were attacked and my brother could’ve kept us safe. BUT HE DIDN’T”! And how do we make that determination?
Enter Peter Bergen, a Minnesota born London raised writer, journalist, reporter, author, producer and professor. Peter who has the demeanor of a movie star assassin, produced and starred in the first ever bin-Laden sit-down interview with Western media. Let’s just suffice to say Peter Bergen is a serious individual. Following is a snippet of GW’s activities in the weeks and months prior to 9/11 – as illustrated by Peter.
On July 10 2001, CIA Director George Tenet along with a team of counterterrorism experts briefed National Security Advisor to the president, Dr. Condoleezza Rice about the increased charter among the terrorism underworld about an imminent and impending attack on the homeland in the coming weeks and months. A few short weeks later, GW embarked on the longest presidential vacation in 3 decades (after just 6 months in office btw). At that point, GW had held 33 cabinet meetings, with just one on bin-Laden and Al Qaeda, which was just a week prior to 9/11. All these despite multiple CIA briefings warning about an impending attack – warnings that were basically ignored. Add to that the fact that GW had in his possession a National Security memo which not only called out bin-Laden and Al Qaeda by name but also spelled out their intended modus operandi – fly hijacked planes into buildings and you’d get a clearer picture of a willfully negligent regime.
Indeed the 9/11 Commission Report decidedly didn’t apportion blame to GW or any other, but it did say that a lot could’ve and should’ve been done to prevent the attacks, based on intelligence available at the time. The report concluded that the attack was “a shock but not a surprise”. That statement among others was an implicit and back-handed indictment of a regime that vehemently shirks from any culpability or responsibility. The report includes 28 redacted and yet to be released pages that may yet shed more light on GW’s culpability. However the report chooses to present the catastrophic attack, one thing is clear: GW and his band of hawks were caught pants down, asleep at the helms. And that is the worst case of presidential dereliction of duty in American history.
GW is arguably the worst president since President Buchanan. How? President Bush presided over two costly ill-conceived, ill-planned and ill-executed simultaneous wars, based on justifications and intel that turned to be completely false. Worse still, it is widely believed that some of the intel was conformed to fit the narrative for the justifications. So when the justifications fell flat on the battlefields of Iraq, we found ourselves embroiled neck deep in a missionless and calamitous “yeah but” war. YEAH, we didn’t find any of the much touted existentially threatening WMD (probably because they probably didn’t exist), BUT Saddam and his ilk were bad people and the world is a better place without ’em. With the benefit of hindsight, we can categorically state, without fear of contradiction that Saddam is far more preferable than the offspring of the US-led invasion – aka ISIS.
As if that wasn’t harmful enough, 7+ years of wanton deregulation had come home to roost.
Adam Smith, the father of modern economics in his landmark book, “The Wealth of Nations”, described the Laissez-faire “invisible hand” that self-regulates the economy towards the common good along the lines of demand and supply, competitive advantage, opportunity cost and the alternative forgone. Eustace isn’t about to litigate the merits or demerits of the concept of a self-regulating economy, but would like to point out that GW and his people, including Hank Paulson, his Treasury guy and Fed Chairman Mr. “Irrational Exuberance”, Alan Greenspan, all oversaw the most overarching deregulation of our economy in favor of a hand, a very visible hand, the very self-serving avaricious hand named Wall Street. GW completely abdicated all regulatory responsibilities in a deranged quest for capitalistic purity, built upon the principle expounded by the Republican patron saint himself, President Reagan, who declared to the effect that government (by implication regulation and oversight ) not only isn’t the solution to our ills, it is in fact the problem in itself. Wall Street took maximum advantage of this monumental laxity and unleashed mayhem. Girls and boys, Wall Street went berserk, over-leveraged mortgage loans, created new and questionable investment vehicles and foisted them on trusting and unsuspecting citizens. And when the house of cards came crashing down, guess WHO HAD TO come to the rescue? We the tax payers, aka government.
With the economy shedding all of 800k jobs per month, it quickly became apparent that GW was way in over his cranium and major kudos to him, because he knew it too.
With these two disasters raging simultaneously, GW couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We the people wanted him out even faster.
On the other hand, GW has probably become the best ex-president since perhaps President John Quincy Adams, our 6th and coincidentally, our only other president son of an ex-president.
Before moving forward, please boys and girls, indulge Eustace a quick digression to register an observation.
Much has been made of the 2002 congressional vote that authorized the invasion of Iraq. Obama, then an Illinois state senator, spoke out against it and was later to make maximum hay out of it, eventually forcing the then presumptive Hillary to apologise for the “bad judgement” in casting that vote. First of all, Obama was insulated by a thousand miles of distance from the decision making arena and of course didn’t have to cast that vote. Others, such as the late Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Bernie Sanders did and voted against it. And they’ve been credited as being the wiser for that. Eustace begs to differ. When your Commander-in-Chief presents intel such as was presented and with a man of such impeccable integrity as is General Collin Powel, selling same to the entire world and you still vote nein? With the benefit of hindsight, we know now that all that supposed intel was altogether dumb babash, but the question for all you voters of no is as follows: did you have any a lternate intel at the time to disprove the intel presented to you? If no, then it is clear that you cast the politically safer vote in what is tantamount to a pacifist and appeasing vote of a political coward! And you should be apologizing! Let it be on record that Eustace has registered this observation.
Moving on and back to GW. He has become a very popular ex-president primarily because he wisely recognized that his presence was unsought by many and he seemed to have taken it in good stride. He stayed above the fray and resisted any temptation or urging to be critical of his successor, though Eustace would like to point out that he may not have had the standing to do that. He hunkered down and learned to draw and paint (impressive paintings he’s made) and he organizes and participates in a lot of activities with our beloved veterans and wounded warriors. And he’s authored a couple books (yes he did), mostly explaining the decisions he made as president. Or at least attempted to. We have thus far girls and boys, seen the poignant missteps GW made in the before and the aftermath of the 9/11 attack. The one thing that is seemingly benign, but has managed to linger on is what happened during the attack proper – the precious 7 minutes the president sat put after having been info rmed in very clear terms that we were under attack. “Mr. President, we’re under attack!” Ooooeeeeee!
Ah, the 7 minutes.
Eustace, girls and boys, has a confession on this one: WTF – what’s the fuss? POTUS mopped around with a glazed gaze for all of 7 minutes, again WTF? Eustace is however the minority on this. Liberal media didn’t let go and uber-leftist documentarian, Micheal Moore, pounced, centering an entire documentary – Fahrenheit 9/11, around the inglorious 7 minutes. And for some inexplicable reason, this one had staying power. And it clearly irritated GW, probably just as much as when the great sage, Kanye West, proclaimed that GW “don’t like black people!”
Fast forward to the 2016 presidential election cycle where Jeb was as presumptive as they come, even in a field of 17 crown princes. Then came the unravelling. Indeed Jeb froze out Romney by securing the big money donors while Mitt was still vacillating, he couldn’t stand down his fast-talking, youthful and charismatic protege, senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. Add to that a few missteps of his own and Trump’s accurate depiction of him as a low energy candidate and you’d see why Jeb was out of it before the first vote was cast. His abysmal and embarrassing trouncing in Iowa and New Hampshire pushed him to declare South Carolina as his last stand. And finally GW showed up.
You’re forced to wonder, why now, why not earlier? Afterall, GW is enormously popular among the Republican base. Eustace pondered this matter over a few sleepless nights. And then it came to him, by divine inspiration and as clear as an apparition. GW the great Decider, the big Kahuna, the Mack, was on a mission. And that mission wasn’t to help get lil bro get elected. And the proof is the pudding. And the pudding is the speech.
Ah, the speech! But first a few observations. GW was a “C” student whose presidency was littered with innumerable blunders and kerfuffles. If you however surmise from all that, that GW is somewhat foolish, then that becomes evidence of your own folly, because GW ain’t no fool!
A couple days before the crucial SC primaries, GW finally showed up on the stump, along with his beloved spouse, Laura, hosted by hometown Senator Graham who himself was an ex-candidate, polling at all of 3% in his home state before he dropped out. He introduced GW to the podium. Ah, the introduction! Marilyn Monroe serenaded JFK. Barbara Streisand serenaded Willie Jeff. Graham serenaded GW! It was unbelievable and you can’t but agree with Eustace if you saw it. When Lindsey was done, you’d think Iraq never happened talkless 9/11. The economic meltdown? What economic meltdown? He then topped it all when he invited to the podium “the president of the United States” George Bush. Up until that point, Eustace was of the misconceived impression that we had only one POTUS at a time, but what does Eustace know anymore! Anyways, GW took possession of the podium and speak he did. For 21 minutes and 46 seconds. He gave thanks to folks who organized the event – and there were several. H e then leaned into front-runner Trump, without once naming him. He advocated the cause of lil bro Jeb, outlining why he’d make a good president. Prior to that however, GW talked about GW, about the infamous 7 minutes, about what he was thinking in those 7 minutes when you erroneously thought he was mopping aimlessly, about how he, in those 7 minutes, gathered his thoughts, while he at the same time was thinking about the future of the little girl reading away in his before, a girl he wasn’t even looking at. GW, who hasn’t ever been accused of deep thought, suddenly sat, multi-thinking for 7 long minutes, while his constituents remained under seige.
Girls and boys, GW finished his speech, held his lovely bride by the hand and again walked into the sunset.
Ah, the intrigue! Remember, GW is no fool. And he knows South Carolina politics very well – he and his daddy had won the Palmetto state primaries in their days. Jeb was polling in 5th place and in single digits. Plus the biggest endorsement in town – Governor Nikki Haley’s – had gone elsewhere. You see boys and girls, political endorsements in and of themselves are not the be all end all many make them out to be, but one is better off with a non-endorsement rather than lose it to an opponent.
So all the markings were in and the handwriting was on the wall. And it wasn’t in cursive. A couple days later, Jeb took a crushing defeat and tapped out.
Remember, GW is no fool. He, like the rest of us were aware that Jeb was beyond redemption. GW didn’t come for Jeb! He came for GW. He came to scratch the butt acne the 7 minutes had become.
And this is why Eustace says to you girls and boys, we the people, we must be steadfastly vigilant and guard our history selflessly – good or bad, lest we mortgage our future. Afterall, past is prologue.
History is the first day of the future.
And the people say:

GW: Iraq, Iran and N. Korea are evil. Like Darth Vader evil. No no, not Dick Cheney type evil – that’s the purest kind. And i’m not fooled. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on who? Fool me thrice and shame on Jeb! I am shameless!

Trump: Jeb is low energy. Maybe his mum should be running instead! His brother gave Iraq war, which I was for and then totally against. That I must tell you!

Koboko: Ah! Mission Accomplished. Political grammar!

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