E Tu Mathews?

By Eustace C. Jackson.
April 7, 2016.

Greetings from Eustace to you! Hope you’re having a great early spring. If you were however in the path of the recent furious snowstorms, Eustace feels your pain. Deal with it!
In the ongoing presidential primaries, if you’re Trump or anyone in his campaign or quite frankly, his legion of supporters, last week had them playing “D”! It was widely considered to be his worst week ever – that is, since his previous worst week ever!
When his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested and charged with battery for allegedly grabbing and shoving a reporter, the soothsayers were animated, especially after Trump brushed it aside like a harmless brush fire and made it crystal clear that Lewandowski remained his campaign manager. Little did we know that Trump’s troublesome week was only just in its infancy.
He, like the rest of the final five, availed himself to several media interviews and townhall events in the runup to the now watershed Wisconsin primaries. This amidst several gruelling campaign events.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper likened him to a 5-year old. Mr. Sykes, a Chicago based radio host and a member of the so-called #nevertrump movement, likened him to a 12-year old, a significant improvement from Anderson’s characterization. Dude from CBS gave him needless grief. And then Chris Mathews made his move. In a very fast-paced and contentious townhall question and answer session, a format that favors MSNBC’s Mathews, he (Mathews), needled, baited, prodded, lured, tricked and backed Trump to a perilous corner where he (Trump) proceeded to politically defile himself. Mathews had managed to get Trump to take a position that had been hitherto untaken, certainly not publicly by anyone of political significance. In a rapid-fire prosecutor style badgering of Trump, Mathews got him to assert that women should be punished for getting an abortion.


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Abortion, in republican circles isn’t just considered illegal (nevermind that it’s been adjudicated by the SCOTUS to be constitutional), but also a damnable and abominable act of murder. “Some form of punishment “, Trump suggested. This type opinion-turned-snafu is by no means a new phenomenon, especially among Republican men. This is what happens when men assume a sort of divine authority to speak about and define the ethics and boundaries of women’s health issues. Mathews even attempted to make him specify the nature and extent of the punishment and thank goodness Trump didn’t bite, lest we’ll be in the middle of an exponentially fiercer Trumpmaggedon!
The outrage was quick and relentless. The media, who in some ways made and have sustained Trump and have since been wholeheartedly committed to breaking him, pounced with the ferocity of a hunting cheetah and declared yet again in unison, the “beginning of the end” of Trump. The politicians didn’t lag behind. From both sides they huffed and puffed and even riled among each other criticizing those who appeared only to have been modestly critical of Trump (read Hillary to Bernie). Governor Kasich delivered a scathing critique of Trump and concluded he (Trump) wasn’t qualified to be POTUS! Kasich’s criticism had to be either the most stinging or the most inconsequential of them all. Eustace suspects it’s the latter considering it’s coming from a pretender who is 1 for 29 and would very likely be 1 for 55 when it’s all done. What was more intriguing and thought-provoking was to see Senator Cruz join in on the crucifixion frenzy – that is, the Cruz who believes and states that abo rtion should be delegitimized, without any exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother. Talk about draconian punishment to the nth degree. Whether or not Trump and his people admit it, that indeed was a rough stretch for their campaign. But rather than concur with the pundits that this was the beginning of the end, Eustace instead takes the position that this crisis marks the beginning of the rest of the dynamic and adaptive Trump campaign. And the reason Eustace makes bold to say this is as a result of a careful observation of Trump’s behavior and actions in the days after. First, he had a pow wow Chairman Reince “the cat herder” Priebus, after which he affirmed his dedication to unite the Republican party. He then practically layed off Twitter and didn’t as much as return the enemy fires coming at him from every which way (even Limbaugh chipped in)! He then again reiterated his loyalty to Lewandowski and began the process on hiring seasoned hands for the delegate acquisition a nd maintenance process. And he officially unveiled his beautiful bride, the elegant, brilliant, mega-lingual Baroness Melanie Trump. Yes, Baroness, because she’s mother of a Baron!
And then this. Trump did something Trump doesn’t do; the Trump who is yet to find a reason to seek forgiveness of God Almighty, almost apologized for re-twitting an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz, the spouse of his archrival Ted Cruz. Almost! Indeed, he lost the April 5th Wisconsin primaries and though that didn’t much alter the delegate math, it did however greatly complicate Trump’s equation to 1237. The one thing we all know for sure is whether or not he clinches before July 18, he’ll go into the Cleveland convention with a significant lead.
Trump deserves major kudos for his resilience, persistence and perseverance. He has attained and retained a front-runner status from his summer of ’15 declaration up to date despite facing headwinds from left, right and center, including, unfortunately, from his own party establishment and the “party bosses”. All these, despite the fact that Trump has demonstrably brought many into the Republican party, many who have stayed docile for in some cases, the better part of 3-4 decades – though it’s factual that many are rushing in to cast their votes against Trump. Nevertheless, why would the Republican party gang up against their own despite the fact that he has brought in Independents as well as Democrat converts? Why Republicans, why?
Enter my Louis. My Louis. Louis is a dashing middle-aged man who doesn’t shy away from giving his unique take on matters of interest and debate. A man of deep convictions, Louis is consistent in his persistence, resilience and perseverance, both in his business dealings and his personal life and isn’t one to falter or fade in the face of opposition. So you see, Louis is in many ways a Trump! And that is why he’s one longtime Democrat-turned-Trump-supporter! Louis doesn’t do things for no reason. Here’s his unique take on the Trump saga, paraphrased and summarized.
For the uber rich billionaire and multi-millionaire class, political party affiliations don’t impact them all that much one way or the other. They do just fine because the system is rigged in their favor. They own the politicians. That is why the politicians aren’t capable of shaking things up, they’re all basically on the take! The self-funding billionaire Trump knows this world too well, having himself been a politician-owning puppet master for the most part of his adult life. Beholden to no one, he’s uniquely qualified to nip the system in its bud and somehow level or tilt the playing field in favor of the gen pop. And to satisfy his ego and earn bragging rights, he will ensure he’s the “greatest jobs president God ever created, believe me”. And that’s why the establishment is gunning for him!
Eustace told you Louis doesn’t do things just for the heck of it. Eustace quadruple dares you to disprove any point my Louis put forth! There’s a ton of wisdom out there and Eustace needs to go out more!
Now, on the matter Chris Mathews. Mathews is one of those type people that comport themselves like they’re a gift to humanity. He’s undoubtedly a smart man and is also undoubtedly not as smart as he lets on – Eustace watched him on Celebrity Jeopardy a couple years ago! He’s had and maintained a reputation for his rapid-fire interview style, in tune with his combative segment’s name, Hardball. He has done a number on a number of guests particularly from the political right, such as former congresswoman Michelle Bachman, who had to release a flurry of statements to rescind the many crazy things Mathews “made” her say!
Of all the reactions to Mathews’ provocations, his 2004 encounter with then Senator from Georgia, Zell Miller probably tops the charts. Senator Miller, a longtime Democrat who left the Democratic party in disgust, was a keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention. After verbally obliterating the party of his past, he sparred with the ultra-leftist Chris Mathews in a post -speech interview. Bad move! After enduring Mathews’ mind-screwing up to his limit, the rattled and red-faced Senator practically challenged Mathews to a duel! Unfortunately, Mathews didn’t bite!
On his interaction with Trump, all Eustace can say is “shame on you Mathews”! You knew you had him on the ropes and you didn’t have the decency to give him an off-ramp. Instead, you knotted him a noose. You took advantage of his youth and inexperience. Yes, Trump is 69, but you should know better Mathews, you’re 70! How dare you take advantage of a rookie politician like so! Trump isn’t winning because he’s a policy wonk. No. He’s winning because he’s a winner and winning is what Trump does – head-spinning winning! Plus the biggest problem confronting the nation today is “Lackadacia Wallitis” – an acute shortage of border walls! Chris Mathews, are you a builder of walls? Silence? I didn’t think so! Donald Trump will build us a HUGE wall (so none of us can leave), have undocumented immigrants build it (on their way out) and have Mexico pay for it (because Trump said so), believe him! So Mathews, you can have your 15 minutes, or even hours or God forbid, 15 days, but Eustace believes that as your curtain call draws near, Trump is only just warming up!
A quick word about a certain Senator Marco Rubio, the sharp witted, fast-talking, absentee Senator from Florida. The youthful rookie Senator was part of the long Republican lineup for the mostly pissing contest for presidential nominee. He soon became the darling of the establishment and rose like a meteor. Shortly thereafter, his self-inflicted injury on the debate floor left him spiraling to the floor just as fast! Rubio didn’t get many things right during his unsuccessful bid for POTUS. First, party chieftains advised that he wait this one out, he didn’t. He stated he was a representative of the future and now he’s history. He claimed he’d be the giant slayer that’d fell Trump, he wasn’t. He guaranteed he’d win his home state, he didn’t. There’s however one very important prediction of his that he can still salvage and make true. He predicted that the winner of the Florida primaries would be the Republican nominee. Time to self-fulfill this prophesy. Immediately sign over your 173 delegates to Trump and watch yourself become a prophet!
And to you Mr. Trump. When you declared last summer, it was rather comical and nobody took you serious! Your opponents chuckled derisively at the mention of your name and considered you a comic relief (and where are they now)? Eustace didn’t take you serious. And he’s not sure you took you serious! And then your weird asinine message, for an inexplicable reason, began to percolate and resonate, to the bewilderment of your friends and foes, Eustace and possibly you yourself Donald! Folks emerged from the woodworks like cicardas coming out of their 17-year hibernation and ingested your molten antithesis to political correctnes. You topped the polls and haven’t let up since. But you’re fast approaching and may have actually reached as far as you can go by talking about walls, illegal immigrants and Megan Kelly! You’re fighting all odds – the establishment of your own party is openly plotting against you. So you mustn’t provide them with fodder to further their cause. Some say it ‘s time for Trump to start acting presidential. Eustace calls b.s. on that! It wasn’t presidential that got you thus far, it’s your thuggish, blustering and bombastic ways that endeared you to Louis and your teeming supporters. If they wanted presidential, they might have voted for “low energy”Jeb! A leopard can’t change its spots, so why even try? What you need is to temper the bluster and tweeting and acquire some knowledge. You’re running as a Republican, you should never be caught flat-footed on such matters as gun rights, immigration and abortion. Step it up Donnie boy, Louis is watching!
And finally, a word for all media outlets and their pundits. When shall you arise from your intellectual slumber? When shall you learn? How many times shall you falsely predict the demise of John Trump? As soon he misspeaks or missteps, y’all break into a cacophony of ululations, dancing frenziedly around his tombstone – that is the one you planted in Central Park, chanting “old Donald is dead…….. “. And yet he lives on! You guys make Eustace almost want to vote for Trump. Almost!
I’ll hand it to you that this is probably like no other in Trump’s repertoire of gaffes. In the 2012 election cycle, two conservative Republican senate male candidates (dudes from IN and MO) were chugging down walkover contests that would’ve given the GOP a majority in the senate. Then they opened their mouths and spoke about women’s health issues (abortions specifically), using language at par or quite frankly cruder than did Trump. Those two fellas fell like lead blocks immediately and never recovered. Eustace doesn’t even remember their names, a testament to their obscurity. So here’s the deal media overlords, Mathews and you may have cost Trump the state of Wisconsin. If Trump sweeps in the Big Apple, or at least takes a significant plurality of the delegates, how about we stop this nonsense about the beginning, middle or the end of the end of Trump! Then we can finally completely exorcise the ghost of Mathews!
Whatever the case however, nobody can right this ship but Trump himself. And better hurry because Louis is watching. As are many million others!

And so said the people:

President Jimmy Carter: I like Trump. He’s malleable.

Trump: Just unfriended Carter! Can’t afford to be a Carter-lover now. Putin? Yes. Carter? No no no! I’m very rich!

Senator Bob Dole: Anyone but Ted “cataclysmic” Cruz!

Carla Fiorina: Can’t shake this feeling baby, that i would be Teddy’s VP chick! Hillary sucks. Arrrrrrrrg!

Louis: It’s all about the bread! The people at the top are too greedy!

ECJ: Congrats to Ifu on the Bar. Good job! We love you. We’re proud of you!

Koboko: Hmmm! This Trump who die ten times and rise eleven times is no pussy cat!

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