Congratulations to President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

By Eustace C. Jackson.
November 18, 2016.

In 2 Kings 24, we learn about Jehovah Lord God Almighty, incessantly exhorting His first born son, Israel, to repent, change his sinful, adulterous and idolatrous ways and return to Him, Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God of their fathers who amidst great signs and wonders, delivered them from Egyptian captivity. This message was purveyed by several prophets including Prophet Isaiah and some of his less famous peers. These repeated warnings and pleas were not heeded. Why? Because Israel was “stiff-necked” and has always been. As a matter of consequence, Jehovah raised up a certain King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, as the agent of recompense. Nebuchadnezzar was by no means a man of impeccable or even high moral compass, but the Holy Book severally referred to him as king of kings. In any case, Nebuchadnezzar took this mandate very seriously and proceeded to ransack Israel (more specifically Judea, Israel had been mutilated by the Assyrians earlier – read up on details in Holy Book). When however Nebuchadnezzar sacked and set ablaze the Holy Temple, where in the Holiest of Holies, Jehovah dwelled with mankind, Israel knew the jig was up. They cried unto Jehovah but it was too little too late. You see girls and boys, Israel knew his God but chose to ignore and anger Him! They had seen Jehovah scattered Sennaherib’s forces, after he had sent Rabshakeh to demand their immediate and total surrender, during the reign of King Hezekiah (2 Kings 18 & 19). Or when three nations conspired and connived to attack Israel during the reign of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20). Israel knew the true God, Jehovah El-Elyon and knew of His immeasurable power and might and knew that if He allowed the Holy Temple to be breached and destroyed like so, then that was ample evidence that Jehovah had indeed turned His back on them. And Nebuchadnezzar reminded them of it at every opportunity. Prophet Jeremiah came with a message from Jehovah El-Elohim, instructing Israel not only to not resist Neb uchadnezzar, but also to hunker down in Babylon, intermarry and acquire property because they (Israel) would be in Babylon a while – 70 years to be exact. For his efforts, Jeremiah was thrown into a pit and abandoned. Thus began the wilderness of Israel’s Babylonian captivity.

Fast forward to the November 8, 2016 US presidential election.

As the seconds ticked into minutes and hours, the question increasingly became whether or not Hillary had a path to victory. What? Mister Jake Tapper, are you confused? Trump that was in search of a path. Not Hillary. Definitely not Hillary. “Jake Tapper don about lost his damned mind,” Eustace thought to himself soothingly! So what to do? Where to go for the “real” situation? Of course, MSNBC! So off Eustace went and when he arrived MSNBC, he heard spewing out of Brian Williams’, Rachel Maddow’s, Chris Mathews’, Lawrence O’Donnell’s and their guests mouths made Jake Tapper’s words sound like a passionate marriage proposal! They were already talking in terms of a President-Elect Trump! Eustace, who didn’t dare turn to Fox News didn’t have anywhere else to turn to. The spouse of Eustace could watch no more and went to bed. Dr. Dubal, ever the entrepreneur and investor, lamented the decline of the DOW futures and announced his bedtime and declared his wishes for an overnight miracle to remedy the situation. That was when the spirit of intense despair set in. Accompanied by profuse perspiration. And a tear, or two! Eustace who was very heavily emotionally invested in this election, was near despondent. When Hillary gave her fine and courageous concession speech, Eustace shed a couple more tears. Or three. Maybe four, but who’s counting?

Needless to say, there’s great anger in the land – anger of unprecedented enormity. It’s as if we the people suddenly realized that we had just elected the segregationist President George Wallace. And maybe we did! Never in our 240-year storied history has so much power been handed by so many people, for so little qualification, to a person so unworthy, undeserving and unfit.
There’s anger in the land.

During this unique mean-spirited campaign of calumny, President-Elect (PE) Trump worked so tirelessly, steadfastly and diligently to say or do everything necessary to ensure he’d lose. He was outright dishonest or ignorant about everything big and small, oscillating and waffling from one position to another on the same matter depending on forum and hour of day. There’s anger in the land. Immense anger. PE Trump insulted and denigrated any and everyone within range, including women, Muslims, the disabled, ethnic minorities, our veterans, particularly the POWs, his own party leaders, the POTUS and of course his opponent, Secretary Clinton. And many many more. He even almost got into it with His Holiness, the Pontiff, Bishop of Rome, leader of the Holy See, head of the Petrine Ministry, Primate of Italy, Vicar of Christ, Holy Father, Pope Francis. Almost! Pretty much everyone but Putin!

There’s anger in the land. High fidelity anger.

PE Trump’s victory was celebrated in Russia as a Russian victory. Some parliamentarians were filmed doing what Russians do perhaps better than all: they drank to it, at work no less!

Russia demonstrably meddled in this election and has nary denied it. Despite several briefings by our security services, Trump couldn’t bring himself to concur that Russia was hacking DNC, DNCC and select individuals’ emails or say a half-bad word about Putin. Eustace advises that Trump put a tight lid on that unholy bromance for three main reasons: the Russians aren’t your friends, they’re masterful at playing dirty and Putin is way way above your league in the scheming and manipulation industrial complex. Take heed, lest the Russians who made you may well be your greatest undoing.

Ah the anger in the land! Unadulterated anger, raging across the nation’s major cities. Auntie Oke called to confirm the providential angle. Auntie Hilda? Aunty Rings? Silence! And yet others rejoice. My Louis and his bride are popping Moets at Eagle Trace. The venerable Rev Baba Oshee must be jubilant and deservedly so, considering he stayed loyal to Trump campaign through thick and thin. Eustace’s very own brother, Prof. Blaise, expressed his effusive joy over Trump’s victory and it’s good to know that good people have a good feeling about this. But it does little to quell the red hot chilli pepper anger in the nation.

We the people must come together, stop the foolhardy resistance to reality and line up behind our President-Elect and join hands to make America great again! Yes, Eustace said it. Else you jeopardize your joy and happiness for nothing.
Much like Israel on his way to Babylonian captivity, our reality is very clear. For the next four years at least, Trump will dwell in our livingrooms, beaming from our electronic gadgets, his image displayed in our government parastatals and schools and if past is prologue, President Trump will dominate our social media as well.

Talking of Israel, there are some heart-warming parallels to draw from. As Israel was being herded away into captivity, Jehovah El-Elohim Israel did something reassuring. Jehovah arranged for an opportunity for the Prophet Jeremiah to purchase a parcel of land from one of his kinfolks. Jeremiah bought the land and buried the titlle deed on the property, in an earthen pot. This was a clear signal to Israel that he shall someday return to Zion. Israel’s sojourn into captivity had an expiration date. And when that time came, the Prophet Daniel put Jehovah in rememberance, leading subsequently in a returnee contingent, led by Ezra and Nehemiah that came in and reestablished Israel in fulfillment of Jehovah’s Word.

Likewise, our sojourn in Trump’s America has an 8-year maximum expiration date. So the big question is, what do we do in this Babylonian period? There’s great painful anger in the nation, in part because Hillary won the popular vote by a wider margin than Al Gore did over GW in 2000. Maybe Trump was right all along – the system is rigged!

PE Trump has the legitimacy of an election behind him. We the people are presented with a dilemma: we can either support our president for the benefit our country and yet oppose him vehemently if/when he displays his dominant bigoted side. Or we can take a page from the playbook of Mitch the Bitch, who in 2009 dedicated his taxpayer funded life work to ensuring that President Obama failed and therefore wouldn’t win a second term! Eustace proposes the former. Because unlike Mitch the Bitch, we must put country first ! We will have our Daniel and our Ezra and our Nehemiah. And we shall return to Zion , for it’s the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight.

Finally, the matter of PE Trump himself. We learn from the Holy Book that Nebuchadnezzar grew increasingly arrogant about his conquests, delusively attributing them to his own power and might. Jehovah stepped in and reprimanded him in a very humiliating way that lasted for seven long years! What did Jehovah do to Nebuchadnezzar? Read it up, it is very interesting (Daniel 4). So take heed PE Trump, lest the same fate befall you.

In the coming days, months and perhaps even years, pundits and “experts” alike would reflect, contemplate and debate this election that nobody got right. And Eustace, a wannabe writer cum journalist would participate. Why? Because that’s what wannabe writers cum journalists do. Which is somewhat duplicitous, considering Eustace already knows that the outcome of this election was divinely preordained and is therefore inexplicable.

Therefore, to you PE Trump, this victory isn’t of your own doing. It isn’t natural. It is supernatural. Many more people voted against you than voted for you! Eustace thinks Jehovah is telling us something and we should all settle down and listen attentively. And that includes you President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

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  1. What an absolutely awesome post. I cannot believe I am lucky enough to know the author. How is it that I never knew this side of you. Well done my friend. I cannot wait to read more.

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