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Special posts regarding and Federal Government College Enugu

An Ode to ’88:

By Chukwuma E. Anyanwu.
August, 2017.

Boys and girls, greetings!
When Drs. OGB and Pikins visited, they repeatedly stated that “there’s something special about this ’88 set!” I figured our story will better be told via an aptly named website. And that’s the inspiration behind our site name,
This is our site! It will be professionally designed and developed … Read the rest

An Ode to ’88: The Intro

by Chukwuma Anyanwu
June 7, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Dallas, greetings! I hope this meets you well and your families as well.

First and foremost, on my family’s behalf, I’ll like to express our … Read the rest