Catch 22 Every Which Way!

By Eustace C. Jackson.
February 2, 2016.

On Saturday January 30, 2016, in the midday scourge of the Melbourne summer, in the world renowned Rod Laver tennis arena, two women were about to face off for the championship trophy of the first of four annual major tennis tournaments, the Australian Open. One of those women was none other than Serena Williams, the world’s #1 ranked player who at ripe mid age of 35, is aging better than vintage wine! Despite a dazzling trophy throve with 21 major titles among many others, Serena has remained as hungry as ever, playing at a level of intensity unmatched by any other. She had just reached the Australian open final without dropping a single set. By all indications, she was poised to win #22, and by so doing, matching the 20-year Open Era record held by German-born tennis great, Steffi Graf. Pundits and fans alike were expecting a quick and clearcut resounding victory such that she (Serena) can match and surpass the record and then set her sights on Margaret Court’s pre-open era 24 championships, all in quick order.
But it was not to be. In her second attempt to catch 22, Serena failed woefully. She played an uncharacteristically sloppy and lopsided match and fairly easily lost to German-born Angelique Kerber, who grew up idolizing “national” hero, Steffi Graf. Serena is still comfortably atop the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranking and judging by the way she’s playing, there’s very little doubt that she’ll catch and surpass #22 before long.
That kind of redemption however is not in sight for the NR-22!
On January 21, 2016, a group of 22 conservative minds came together on National Review, a conservative publication of good repute and delivered scathing denouncements of Donald Trump. The group, which Eustace would henceforth call the “NR-22”, claimed among other things that a vote for Trump was a vote to setback the “Conservative Movement”. The NR-22 figured (wrongly) that their collective voice would be louder and more penetrating than the sum of their individual voices. They ended up however creating a lot of ear-itching static! Notable among them were Glen Beck, David McIntosh, William “Bill” Kristol, Ben Domenech, Erick Erickson and David Boaz. The criticisms were basically variants of the same grievances; he’s more liberal than not, he’s cozied up to powerful Dems and up until recently has been financially generous towards them. These are a tiny degree removed from capital offenses in conservative circles. While they didn’t collectively endorse any candidate, they did r each a consensus opinion that Trump, the real estate mogul and reality tv star (Eustace says alternate reality) turned politician wouldn’t make a reliable candidate against the much presumed Democrat nominee, a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump’s candidacy, they charge, will result in disasterous down-ballot loses. These denouncements designed to be a “coup de grace” strangulation of Trump’s surging campaign turned out to be anything but! In fact, worse than that, it backfired. The RNC swiftly disinvited the National Review from any of their events going forward. On his part, Trump dismissed National Review as failing publication unworthy of its illustrious founder, author William
F. Buckley Jr. He mostly brushed NR-22 aside like one would a pest. He wasn’t about to be distracted from savoring his joyous endorsements from the days prior, one from the legendary John Wayne (via his daughter) and the highly coveted one from Governor Sarah Palin. The NR-22’s assault by and large seemed to be of no discernable consequence especially considering that it didn’t impact Trump’s poll numbers. Indeed, although Trump came in second in Iowa, there’s nothing to suggest the NR-22 had anything to do with that. Instead, Trump “the great whiner – oops, meant winner” placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of Senator Ted Cruz and his shady sharp elbow practices that have earned him the ire of Dr. Carson as well. While there may have been some unethical tactics on the part of Ted Cruz’s campaign, such as spreading the falsehood that Dr. Carson was throwing in the towel and urging his supporters to crossover to team Ted and some fear mongering tactics centered around v oter registration and records, there’s a zero likelihood there’ll be a redo. Sorry Trump! Oh, the NR-22? Fumbllllle!
So what exactly is a catch 22? Simply put, a catch 22 is a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution. Enter Secretary Clinton!
Hillary Rodham Clinton is arguably in the top ten most recognizable, most famous (or infamous) humans on earth. That’s what happens when you’ve been First Lady 12 years in the state of Arkansas, then First Lady of the United States for nearly a decade. Add to that, being a target of a “vast right wing conspiracy” gunning to take her and her president husband down by means of a fabricated sex scandal. Until a certain blue drees with irrefutable DNA material confirmed otherwise. Then moving on to be elected Senator from New York, in her own rights. She then ran for and ended up runner-up for the Democrat nomination for president. She was thereafter wooed into accepting what is generally regarded to be the most high profile, prestigious and sought after cabinet position, Secretary of State.
Her time at State was a remarkable opportunity that allowed her to solidify her foreign policy creds. It also, according to her detractors, was the time for her greatest political blunder and undoing. They simply point to the toxic “B” word; Benghazi. The biggest revelation from multiple Benghazi inquiries was the Clinton “emailgate”. Eustace won’t rehash Benghazi or emailgate – it’s all abundantly available in the public domain. Secretary Clinton has consistently demanded that all the emails be released and publically scrutinized once and for all. State and the FBI however have instead adopted a drip drip “death by a million knives” approach. So it’s conceivacble that emailgate will hover over the Secretary’s head like the Sword of Damocles throughout the election cycle, potentially providing her opponents and detractors a steady supply of fodder to rail against her. And so it was that only a couple days prior to the “first-in-the-nation” Iowa caucuses, the FBI announced it wouldn’t be releasing a certain 22 emails because it considers them to be “top secret” and therefore too sensitive for public consumption. The emails, though not flagged classified either outgoing or incoming, included 18 email chains between Madam Secretary and the POTUS making them out of bounds, despite Hillary’s pleas to have them released. Talk about a catch 22 in every sense of the phrase! Secretary Clinton went on to win Iowa by whiskers, by less than 3/10 of a whopping 1%, the smallest margin on record!
Unfortunately there’s no simple way to measure the impacts of these events. Perhaps Secretary Clinton could’ve won the caucuses by a whole lot more, say about half of 1%, or maybe even a HUGE 1%! Also, perhaps Serena would’ve been seeking #23 at the French Open and NR-22 could’ve been more relevant, leaving Trump with zero delegates out of Iowa or on the flip side, perhaps Trump could’ve been more assertive and have Iost Iowa by less. We just can’t tell with any degree of mathematical certainty. The one thing Eustace knows for sure is that none of these fine people would rather be in a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution.
Because that would be a catch 22!

And the people said.

Serena Williams: i’m just getting warmed! Going for #30. Soon! Forever young.

Trump: they’re all losers. If Bill Buckley were still around, he’ll have one word for them: you’re fired! What? That was two words? I never said “one word”, you press people are all dishonest people! That i must tell you.

Secy. Clinton:now i’m sick and tired of my own damned emails! Actually, your emails, their emails, everybody’s emails, all emails, i hate emails! Gives me IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And flatulence!

Koboko: man who no die no rotten. That is catch #23!

ECJ: whaaaat? @koboko.

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