An Ode to ’88:

By Chukwuma E. Anyanwu.
August, 2017.

Boys and girls, greetings!
When Drs. OGB and Pikins visited, they repeatedly stated that “there’s something special about this ’88 set!” I figured our story will better be told via an aptly named website. And that’s the inspiration behind our site name,
This is our site! It will be professionally designed and developed to meet our needs, from the mundane (eg publishing and sharing meeting minutes, enhancing branch intercoms, event notifications etc), to the major (eg doing high quality profile pieces for anyone who wants one – especially our self-employed kin), to the mega (eg raising funds for a variety of purposes, which would require the installation of a payment gateway), etc etc.
i will hire and foot the bills for the web guy.
Nkwachukwu, I’ll need 2 boys and 2 girls to gather the requirements and manage the project.
For the boys, two names come to mind; Kunle and Chuka Chukwudebelu. Kunle is a seasoned administrator and Chukie is a skilled negotiator. If you doubt me, then try asking him for water!
For the girls, Nkwachukwu you can either appoint the girls or throw it out there and see who steps up.
I have some ideas to share with the team once it’s constituted..
Thank you!

PS: everyone go to and register!

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