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An Ode to ’88: The Intro

by Chukwuma Anyanwu
June 7, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Dallas, greetings! I hope this meets you well and your families as well.

First and foremost, on my family’s behalf, I’ll like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your financial and material support, your thoughts, your words of encouragement and your prayers. You’re truly your brother’s keeper! Thank you! God bless you and may you never know lack!

I’m sure we can all agree that there’s something special about our ’88 set. I feel very honored and privileged to be a part of it and that is why J. B. Nya and i are embarking on a project to pen a biopic of our set based on our recollections! Now, considering that some of these events are from over 30 years ago and the porous state of JB’s memory, i am soliciting your participation. Why? Because this book isn’t mine; it’s ours! And if we all contribute, we’ll end up with a very robust and fantastic book.

I have appointed an editorial board which Nkwachukwu has graciously agreed to lead. Thank you bro!

This book will contain satire (of course), but will also have serious matters of national and even global importance.

Concerning our beloved departed siblings and teachers, we’ll speak of them like they are with us and they shan’t be exempted from satirical references. I can’t imagine they’ll want it any other way. But there’s time for everything. We will pay tribute to all our departed. I’ll make some assignments a little later, but I urge you to pick up to write a 1-2 page tribute to our departed and as a matter of fact our living teachers as well. Please let Nkwachukwu know what you pick up so we can avoid duplicate efforts. Instead, we can have two or more people collaborate on a tribute.

Ladies, we’ll use your maiden names for now, just as a matter of convenience. The first time I saw Chibugo’s name in print (Chibugo Ike Nwosu), my fish brain screamed out loud, “my goodness, she’s married to Brat!” Nkwachukwu and co will determine whether or not to use real names for the final piece. Ultimately, everyone will addressed by the name/nickname of their choosing.

Some additional rules of engagement:
1. Once an 88er (even for one day), then forever an 88er.

2. The goal is to mention everyone at least once.

3. Despite the satire, this project isn’t aimed at disparaging anyone (except for maybe Dallas!), so let’s tread respectfully, even when stating facts.

4. Please keep any foul language to the barest minimum and if we must (probably when stating facts), let’s mask them as much as possible. Remember our kids are reading too!

5. Every chapter and your contributing articles will be published on my current affairs blog – www.Thegeest.Com, so please go there and sign up. That way we can keep all our comments and quiz answers in the same place to make for easier compilation.

6. Ultimately, Nkwachukwu’s editorial board will determine what goes into the final/published work. As Chairman, Nkwachukwu has 3 votes, so plan to bribe him with conc Bourvi-solu!

7. We will make a fantastic book which we will launch and market aggressively. 100% of proceeds will go to two funds we’ll setup soon – one for our set and one for our school. I completely agree with Miriam recent study suggestion that we should look to lift ourselves more while we’re still around.

8. Talking of TheGeest.Com, I’ve been writing current affairs essays (mostly politics) using the name Eustace (my lovely middle name!!) So after you sign on, explore and read an essay a day because that’s what the doctor ordered! Leave a comment and spread the word!

9. And while you’re there, be sure to visit the shop and support JB and me on our burgeoning colorbooks venture. That’s right, colorbooks are all the rave nowadays because of the calming and relaxation effects. What stands our work apart is the combination of JB’s unique art form and the storyline that highlights African cultural heritage. So please go there at once (www.Thegeest.Com/shop) and support! We’re dedicating a portion of sales to the two aforementioned funds.

10. Finally, to all members of the ’88 set, I love you all (with the possible exception of Dallas!) You all are the very best!

That said, I’ll like to again give thanks to you all for your immense generosity both collectively and individually. You showed up big for me! God bless you and yours!

I solicit your continued prayers.

Many thanks to JB Nya, a true brother who moved here to be with me in trying times.

Ok, enough! Get off your behind and go buy and color some colorbooks!


MBRE: Magical Dances

P.S. Oga Dallas abeg no clear me when you see me o! Na play I dey play o! I felt an itch to pick on someone and I figured, “who better than Dallas!?” My love to you and yours.

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