An Ode to ’88: Request For Tributes.

By Chukwuma E. Anyanwu.
July, 2017.

Death, they say, is a part of life. That may be true, but it doesn’t take away any of the pain and hurt when our beloved depart us either too soon or in their fullness of days. They’re never too far from our thoughts. So today, we get a chance to pay tribute to our departed siblings and teachers to celebrate how they lived and why we miss them so.
Without any prior consultations, i feel very comfortable assigning the following tributes:
1. Bankole, please write a tribute to your dad.

2. Stanley, please write a tribute to your dad.

3. Boly, please write a tribute to ICJ Adigwe.

4. Jambi, please write a tribute to Lexy.

5. Oliver and Njar, please write a tribute to Agba.

6. Kupas, please write a tribute to Pa Kuku.

7. Chuma, please write a tribute to Ogbonna Ike.

8. Aduba and I would write a tribute to Mr. Onyecherelam.

9. I would write tributes to Chief Onuorah, Udu War and Awilla. Anyone who wants to partner with me on any of these, please sign up with Nkwachukwu.

10. Without needlessly listing the rest of our beloved departed, I’ll like to point out that someone please pick up Emeka Nwizu.

11. I had the priviledge of meeting and befriending a fine gentleman, first in Enugu and then in Ibadan. He’s friends with many in our class and I hear he was married to the daughter of our beloved teacher. His name is Olisa Nwakobi. OGB and Kenze, please pen a few words on his behalf. Thank you.

Finally, i urge you to pick up tributes so we can have full coverage. I really favor collaborative efforts so please let Nkwachukwu know what you pick up so he can pair you up with others.
Ladies please be sure to chip in here and there.

PS: we’ll wound that Nkwachukwu with work! That’s what you get for being Publisher! Plus nobody does it better. This project is in great hands. Thank you Nkwachukwu!

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