AmeXit: America’s Departure From Reason. Part I.

By Eustace C. Jackson.
January 19, 2017.

On the night of June 23, 2016, Eustace, in his EST abode, stayed up well into the wee hours of the night, watching in absolute bewilderment, as Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) was unraveling, in total defiance of all expectations, polls and quite honestly, reason as well.

Greetings girls and boys and Eustace hopes y’all have had time enough to recover from the shell-shock of November 8.

When Britain voted to divorce their European brethren, the immediate demonstration of outrage, mostly by youthful city dwellers, was evidence that many of the people who could’ve and should’ve voted had fallen into a state of complete torpor and had sat out a monumental plebiscite. Also, many who had voted for Brexit had not taken the time to seek and obtain and the facts of the matter and therefore succumbed to the dangerous wiles of fake news and false propaganda probably dispensed by Vladimir and his ilk. These two groups of people rose in unison in protest of the outcome of the Brexit vote and petitioned for a redo. But alas, planet earth doesn’t rotate in that direction. There’s no test or mock election to be repeated until a certain outcome is achieved, no! The biggest lessons from Brexit include the need to engage and participate and not abdicate their right and civic duty to be involved, to stand and be counted and the need to give such matters the deserved attention and not fall prey to false propaganda and fake news and the need to recognize that there’s no do-over.

Five score and seven days later, it became apparent that the lessons of Brexit had been unlearned across the pond. And like the Brexit clockwork, we the people took to the streets in protest, claiming in essence that Trump doesn’t represent our values and is therefore isn’t our president! Too little too late? Even worse. Eustace says post-mortem medication. Girls and boys, if you juxtaposition the US 2016 presidential elections on the Brexit experience, you need not be Al (Albert Einstein to you!), to recognize a match. The vote for Brexit, retrospectively, was a vote against common sense, a departure from reason. And so was our 2016 presidential contest. How so? Consider these facts. 46.9% of eligible voters did not vote. Eustace repeats: 46.9% of eligible voters took a pass. And Eustace knows quite a number of them! Also, as of election night, Hillary Clinton had 6,080,643 fewer votes than President Obama did in 2012, though that number continues to decline as the vote counting progresses. Eustace estimates that the gap would be halved when it’s all said done, but much more than enough to effect important victories in a handful of crucial states.

The demonstrations that organically emanated in the nation’s largest cities was very telling. It has evoked yet again the dichotomy of the merits and demerits of our unique Electoral College system versus a popular vote system. We will take a deeper dive into a system that Eustace’s very own Prof Blaise has termed the Electoral Kindergarten.

Much has been made of Putin’s personal involvement in the hacking and strategic dissemination of data designed to embarrass and weaken the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. In the face of overwhelmingly demonstrable evidence of Russia’s egregious act of political espionage, our President-Elect chose instead to blame the hacking on a 400lbs guy sitting on his bed. So all you 400lbs hacker guys sitting on your beds (laying on bed is exempted), better watch out, PE Trump is on to you! How was the election covered? In the battle for election coverage supremacy among the three main cable news outlets, Eustace submits that CNN emerged victorious. Eustace cites two main metrics upon which CNN’s victory was determined. First is the size and depth of panels of “expert” talking heads. CNN out paneled Fox and MSNBC by a mile and half, so much so that after often lengthy panelists’ introductions, CNN took a commercial break to allow the 68 year old Wolf Blitzer catch his breath! Secondly, CN N had by far the most diverse cast of panelists during the campaign season. CNN gave credence to multiple voices spread out across the ideological spectrum, from the ultra conservative talk radio personality, Ben Ferguson, to S. E. Cupp to die hard Trump loyalists, Jeffrey Lord and the brilliant Harvard-trained Kayleigh McEnany, to former Republican Rep. Mike Rogers to the uber liberal and eloquent Paul Begala, to former Obama administration official Van Jones, to the well spoken former S. Carolina legislator, Bakari Sellers, to career political analysts such as Gloria Borger and Nia-Malika Henderson and of course the very experienced David Bergen, who has advised four presidents. Plus a crack team of anchors and reporters including Dana Bash, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. And everyone in between. In contrast, Fox was unabashedly right wing, while MSNBC was unavoidably leftie. That isn’t to say they both didn’t have their requisite token “opposition” voices. Take MSNBC for example. They constantly had on their air such Republicans as Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s erstwhile presidential campaign manager, David Frum, a one-time GW speechwriter and Charlie Sykes, a Chicago-based Conservative radio host and self-acclaimed lifelong “charter member of the #nevertrump movement.” These gentlemen have, on account of Trump, skirted the precipice of the “dark side” so much so that they can conveniently be labelled as RINO – Republicans In Name Only!

Concerning the election-day coverage, CNN’s John was the undisputed King. Together with his so-called “magic wall” electronic display system, John King rendered a masterful play-by-play presentation of the minute-by-minute, county-by-county polling forecasts, expectations, exit polling, results and realities of the voting process in the battleground states. His vast tribal knowledge and his in-depth grasp of our political geography, past and present, was on full display. A sci-fi type brain dump would’ve been nice, to preserve this precious acumen. Oh well!

Similarly, conducted the first annual evaluation of the female primetime anchors on cable TV. This contest of sorts pitted Fox’s Megan Kelly against CNN’s Erin Burnette against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Going forward girls and boys, you will get a chance to participate and vote on this award, but for the inaugural award, Eustace and Eustace alone shouldered the enormous gravity of this noble endeavor. This obviously is a very prestigious award accompanied by a trophy AND a plaque, so we the good people of took this very seriously. After a rigorous and exhaustive process of playing Prosecution, Defense, Judge and Jury, Eustace came up with the first Female Cable News Anchor of the year 2016, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. And that isn’t to take anything away from the super-competent Ms. Burnette and Ms. Kelly – this wasn’t an easy call in any way. What pushed Ms. Maddow over the top in Eustace’s humble opinion, was simply an element of presentation – the unique way in which she begins her broadcast, a style which Eustace has aptly dubbed the “Maddowlogue.” You want more on this girls and boys? Then stay in place for the essay that’ll be part of the award ceremony. In the meantime, do set your DVR for The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS) 9pm weeknights. And see for yourselves!

One of the most intriguing and off-putting revelations of the ’16 Presidential election cycle is the observation that Donald Trump’s acrimonious relationship with the truth is matched in intensity only by his effusive adulation of Vladimir Putin. He still can’t get himself to say a halfway critical word about his “strong leader.” Trump makes the juvenile point that Putin has paid him some compliments and he therefore must reciprocate in kind. Eustace says heaven forbid Abubakar al-Baghdadi says something nice about Trump! Or Ayatollah Khamenei! Or the “Great Leader” himself, Kim Jong Un! While Ronald Reagan rolls over in his grave, we will craft an article to examine this matter further. In the meantime, it behooves Eustace to make a quick commentary on a certain low life, bottom-feeding pimp and peddler of stolen information. You got that right girls and boys, Eustace is talking about none other than the despicable Swede, Julian Asange of Wikileaks. In a dimwitted attempt to absolve Putin and Russia of any complicity in the brazen cyber attack on the US electoral system. Asange’s exculpatorial yarn on behalf of Moscow was to state to the effect that the hacked Democratic systems/networks were so lax security wise that “even a 14-year could’ve have hacked them.” Well, Asange, in a perverted way, is uniquely qualified to know the mindset and capabilities and proclivities of adolescents – he’s wanted in his native Sweden for knowing a number of under-aged girls too well. And that is why he’ll probably rot in Ecuador!

Donald Trump is a brawler. Yes girls and boys, you knew that already. During the campaign season, he took on any and everybody and almost got into it with the Holy Father Pope Francis because he (Pope Francis) had the temerity to suggest that rather than build walls, mankind instead should focus on bridging the gaps that separate us along geopolitical, socioeconomic, tribal and racial lines. The one fight Eustace relished in watching was when Trump fought to a standstill the conservative/Republican alternative news behemoth aka Fox News and it’s former strongman Roger Ailes. At some point, Trump commented to the effect that Fox should know he’s different from the other candidates and “they can’t toy with me!” On the other hand, his feud with Megan Kelly, an excellent first-class journalist and anchor was a distasteful predatorrial display of misogyny at it’s worst. What was even more distasteful was his shameless and callous mockery of a disabled journalist. It gets worse gir ls and boys, if that is possible. And it is! His attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the proud and grieving Gold Star parents of a dashing and valiant Captain Humayun Khan, who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to nation, takes the cake. It is essentially sacrilegious to pick a fight with anyone who has lost so much, especially if you’re a child of the privileged who deferred his way out of the call of duty when the nation sorely needed it, (article coming).

And then there’s the matter of the FBI Director James Comey, who Eustace has aptly dubbed “the Letter Writer.” He earned a no-nonsense reputation when as GW’s Deputy AG, he gallantly stood up to the administration when they attempted to take advantage of his gravely ill boss. And just like that, a towering (6’8″ tall) star was born! And that was why 3 years ago, President Obama had no qualms appointing Comey, a card-carrying Republican to a 10-year gig to head the house Edgar Hoover built. Then came the 2016 Presidential elections. Through a series of missteps, blunders and questionable decisions, Comey has earned a reputation for nonsense. So the question becomes nonsense Vs. no-nonsense? Eustace says advantage nonsense! And that is why we must explore further.

To say the outcome of the Presidential elections was a huge surprise is to state the obvious.

Although it looked like the GOP was gearing to conduct yet another autopsy, because Trump made poopoo of the previous post-mortem recommendations, it turned out the Democrats were the ones who had the need for some introspection. The revelations from the DNC and Podesta and Wasserman-Shultz hacks certainly haven’t been particularly heart-warming. The dangerous tendency in these circumstances is to engage in finger pointing, infighting, second-guessing and generally an overreaction. But Eustace calls attention to they the fact that more people, many many more people, voted for Hillary than for Trump. When the final tallies come in, Hillary would have an approximately 3 million vote advantage over Trump, a 2 1/2% advantage and the widest margin ever for a losing campaign.

Eustace has two recommendations concerning these. First,we must honor and pay tribute to Hillary Rodham Clinton, a true champion who has spent her entire adult life advocating the causes of the underprivileged and the voiceless. A flawless candidate she wasn’t, but who is? She blazed the trail she paced, pushing the frontier ever closer to the trophy of trophies. As she alluded to in one of the debates, she vigorously prepared herself to be president, but alas it wasn’t to be. Eustace says she’s the best president America never had!

That said, the Democrats must transition to reality in an orderly fashion, without panic. The message need not change all that much, but the messenger(s) must. It’s time to yield to the Progressives. Why? We the people are predominantly left of center, albeit that we’re concentrated in the high population metro areas. Bernie Sanders struck a chord among a wide spectrum of the populace – old and young, educated or not, gay or straight, black, white, Latino or Asian and poor and poorer. Like the Pied Piper, he cooed and they followed. Bernie appealed to our better angels of hope and optimism, the angels that bring us to the recognition that everyone gets a fair shake when everyone chips in their fair share. And maybe he can educate the people that there’s such a thing as “mid-term elections.” And he should get his DNC Chairman. Girls and boys, Eustace says it’s Bernie time! And Elizabeth Warren too! Aye! Aye!

Guess who else was completely unprepared for their situation? Yes, you got that right. President-Elect Donald John Trump. Girls and boys, there’s too much material in this area, so we’ll focus on one subject – his staffing decisions. Our elections are held on Tuesdays. By tradition, the President-Elect, at the invitation of the President, visits the White House the following Thursday to shake hands and kickoff a peaceful transition. Yes, it is symbolic of an enduring democracy, but it’s much much more than that. It is a strong visual communiqué to the world that a competent team is being replaced by and large by another competent team, without a vacuum in between. In the sidelines of this meeting, aides meet, greet and mingle with each other, to kickoff the actual groundwork. That was when Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka, asked “the question.” He inquired to know how many of the West Winger appointees get to stay! No dude, they all leave and you have about 4,000 more in positions to fill, so better hurry!

Trump and his transition team have been busy filling cabinet and other positions and there’s a consistent theme. With one or two exceptions, Trump’s parlor cabinet so far comprises multi millionaires and billionaires, Generals and arsonists – that is people that had vowed publicly and persistently to shutter the departments or agencies they have now been nominated to lead. Trump rode the populist wave and then turned around and nominated a $14b net worth cabinet. Perhaps the most disconcerting of all his picks thus far is his selection National Security Adviser, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn. A purveyor of conspiracy theories, it doesn’t take all that much to figure he’s not particularly bright. He’s already a lightning rod for critics for his ignorant and acidic/acerbic/caustic view and characterization of Islam and a host of other issues. Who knows what else he has coming. Good thing is Gov. Palin is available and she wants the VA (please Lord no)! To be further explore d – stay tuned!

What do all these mean to the world Trump is about to lead? In the first presidential debate in early October, 84 million American souls tuned in to watch on TV, breaking the record set by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1979 by a whopping 4 million people – although that number becomes less impressive when you consider that there were a hundred million less Americans in 1979 than in 2016. Be that as it may, if you tally those who listened on radio and those who streamed it on the ubiquitous internet, chances are we’ll arrive at a number close to or greater than the century mark. Regardless, even if all of the 320 million of we the people watched every minute of every debate, that still will be a drop in the bucketful of a worldwide audience that paid a keen attention to the happenings in the globe’s sole Superpower. And they were mostly worried that the Apprentice, who spewed political heresy about every time he spoke, was part of a binary choice for the leader of the free world. Ou la la! So what was the world so concerned about? Enter two of Eustace’s most favorite people ever – Kenze and Chuma. These two gargantuans, both physically and intellectually, have their fingers right on the nerve of global opinion. Their thoughts and opinions carry a high premium where Eustace stands because they both have pristine unblemished track records of rightfulness. In pre-election conversations, Kenze, an American businessman based primarily abroad expressed his concerns about potential Trump policies/actions to combat global terrorism and Chuma, a seasoned entrepreneur and Managing Director of a successful multinational, alluded to an unsettlement concerning the potential Trump immigration policy. These are very legitimate perturbations considering Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric on the trail. These matters are worthy of further exploration, but at this time, Eustace has a few words for the wise. Regarding the war on terror, there’s a lot that can and should be done t o stand up to and eradicate this cantankerous scourge on mankind. “Bomb the sh*t out of them and take all the oil,” isn’t one of them. Neither are 140- character tweets! Those are amateurish and simpleton approaches to a matter that requires serious deliberation and tact. We the people hope and pray Trump gets it together before long. The fight against radical Islam is a fight for the heart and soul of Islam itself. So said King Abdullah of Jordan. It’s very unlikely that we’ll kill our way to victory in this delicate war, especially considering we’re about to have a President whose every comment on this subject matter results in the replenishment of the terrorists’ rank and file faster than we can kill them off!

On the matter of immigration, there’s so much poignant incohesion in the campaign trail messaging, so much so that even hardcore Trump loyalists/fanatics, who fancied themselves in Gestapo type roles in Trump’s proposed “Deportation Force,” can’t tell what was sheer hyperbole and grandstanding or reality. Regardless of Trump’s promises or intentions, the notion that we can up and uproot our undocumented brethren, alongside their American-born offspring and toss them across our southern borders, is a display of unmitigated folly. A peacetime forceful repatriation of 11+ million mostly law-abiding people isn’t within the realm of possibility or reality and neither is it rooted in the laws of the land. One more practical impediments to Trump’s atrocious immigration policy on the stomp is this: if you’ve had a meal today in the upper 48, components of that meal in one way, shape or form have almost certainly passed through the hands of our undocumented kinfolks, so to talk of expelling them is to toy with the prospects of acute food shortages and rising food costs in the continental USA. Think about that! Girls and boys, i’m sure you can tell Eustace is passionate about this subject matter, probably as much as Chuma, so you better stay tuned for the more substantive piece.

So how will Trump lead? Girls and boys, the simple answer is the same way he ran and won, although predicting Trump has turned out for most to be an exercise in futility. PE Trump has however shown his hand early. He has demonstrated the same adversarial attitude towards facts and knowledge, opting out of his Presidential Daily Briefings (PDBs), claiming he’s “kind of like a smart guy” who doesn’t “need to be told same thing every day for the next 8 years.” Great argument not. This is the stance of a man who thinks he can ad lib and wing it through the toughest and most consequential job on planet earth, the United States presidency – a symptom of a lifetime of intellectual laziness.

Governor Mario Cuomo famously said of politicians that “we campaign in poetry and govern in prose.” In other words, politicians campaign in fantasy and govern in reality. Or they over promise and under deliver. Take your pick! The reason for conflict oftentimes is when the elected attempt to govern in the fantasies of the trail. On January 20, Trump will hopefully begin to come to the realization of the folly, impropriety and impracticality of several of his pledges, from repealing Obamacare to his promise to bring coal jobs back to Appalachia. We shall explore further.
Stay tuned!

So who will stop Trump? Certainly not his Baghdadians! Baghdadians? Yes, Baghdadians. In the early days of Operation Shock and Awe, America’s warrantless and illegal invasion of Iraq (the consequences of which btw will dwell among us possibly for generations to come), Saddam Hussein’s Minister of Propaganda (yes girls and boys, that’s a real job), was a General in Saddam’s army, a gentleman named Ali – General Ali. He was saddled with the unenviable task of allaying the fears of the Iraqi citizenry, particularly in the besieged capital city of Baghdad. General Ali, who the Western press was later to dub the nom degure “Baghdad Bob,” rose to global notoriety when he, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, dutifully reported (daily) on the futility of the efforts of the American-led forces, vowing that the “infidels” would never set foot on Baghdad! Cartoonists made caricatures of him ducking and dodging American aerial bombardments on his way to his infamous press brief ings. And so it was that Trump’s loud, fast-talking, interruptive and combative campaign staffers and surrogates, quarreled with and battled any and everyone in dogmatic and deferential defense of Trump, whose every utterance is presumptively false and/or ignorant. These folks who have suffered a complete and irrevocable moral and ethical capitulation to Trump and Trumpism, all preach to the choir of one, a certain Donald J. Trump.

They’ve adopted the Nixonian mindset that if Trump says or does it, then it must be correct and legit, thereby elevating him to a level of infallibility hitherto reserved only for the Lord God Almighty and (according to Roman Catholics) the Pope! The emperor remains naked. On that point, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Trumpicide (self-destruction of Trump) might be the only obstacle to Trump, because those who would stop him couldn’t (Democrats) and them who could wouldn’t (GOP). Why? 21 million twitterlings and counting. The spineless House Speaker Paul Ryan has, by words and deeds, indicated he’s shaping up to be Trump’s doormat. In the case of the wily old political fox, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, he’s knotted up in a conflict of interest on account of a very beautiful and accomplished lady named Elaine Chao. GW’s erstwhile Labor Secretary, Ms. Chao is Trump’s nominee to head the Transportation Dept. and if Trump has his way, Ms. Chao is about to be dollar- for-dollar, the most powerful cabinet secretary ever, with a trillion-dollar infrastructure budget. And who is this woman, Ms. Chao? Girls and boys, ask Google! The emperor stays naked. Stark naked!

You hang in for more ok?

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