How About Kim?

By Eustace C. Jackson.
September 25, 2015.

Do you know Kim? What Kim? Aha, gotcha! Now we have Kim Jung IL. We have Kim IL Song and Kim Jong Un. We have little Kim and we have Kim Kardashian. And then we have Kim Davis, the undisputed Kim of the day! She’s no renegade leader of a hermit state. Oh no. She’s no rap artist associate of the late Biggie Smalls. No no! Neither is she a superstar reality TV phenom. No. She is Kim Davis the clerk of Rowan county in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. So what is it about Kim Davis? Well, Kim has managed to attain stardom – or infamy, by refusing to affix her autograph on marriage certificates for folks who happen to be of the same sex. So you see, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim and Kim do have a common strand of deoxyribonucleic acid that binds them together: they all are rebellious non-conformists. What should’ve been dismissed as a case of dereliction of duty leading to a dismissal of Kim the perpetrator turned out be a lot more then that. Kim is an elected official, making her dism issal a little more complex than not. Her action or better still her inaction, happens to be an impingement of the marital rights of a group whose very marital right had only just recently been affirmed. What Kim is doing is a blatant abrogation of the law. Why? Because the supreme court in a controversial and close decision determined that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the misery or bliss of marital relationships and the benefits or costs thereof. A brief overview of the situation.

In California’s 2010 election cycle, Proposition 8 (Prop 8) was perhaps the biggest issue on the ballot. Prop 8, which defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman surprisingly passed. This was surprising considering that by and large, Californians aren’t particularly known for their conservatism. In any case however, the appeal and counter appeal process eventually landed Prop 8 on the laps of the supreme court which then struck it (Prop 8) down as unconstitutional. A couple days later, the justices struck down the patron Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), the precursor upon which Prop 8 was based. Both decisions were heavily contentious 5-4 decisions. Nevertheless, this was a monumental victory for the LGBT community. A bitterly dissenting Justice Scalia warned that this decision was a passage way to a dangerously slippery slope. And Eustace concurs. Now that our LGBT kinfolks have been adjudicated to qualify for marriage, who knows who goes next. Perhaps polygamy, i n which case Eustace just might be in the forefront considering that the wife appears to have taken a vow of celibacy! But Eustace digressed. Back to reality. With the decision of the supreme court, it becomes a valid interpretation of the law, or the creation of a new law according to the folks who charge that our eminent and erudite jurists are wannabe legislators! Whatever the route it took to get there, it is in the books. And for that reason and that reason alone by itself (ipso facto), it must be respected and adhered to. Full disclosure: Eustace is not a gay marriage proponent, no, but Eustace is a law abiding citizen!

So why would Kim do this? Bear in mind that you could be a serial adulterer on your 7th marriage, having done time for sexual assault of a minor, this after having done a stint at Sing Sing in Ossing, NY, for burglary and a repeat DWI, Kim will sign your certificate. Just don’t be a same sex couple! And when a couple asked Kim on who’s authority she’s doing this, “under the authority of God” she answered! Of course. How can you even begin to contest that? Here was a God-fearing mother of twins, exercising her constitutional 1st amendment rights of freedoms of religion and speech, and now she has to defend herself from public scrutiny? Really? What is America turning into? Good Lord! We must take our country back!

Please allow Eustace take a closer look. Thank you!

Back in the day, the great Martin Luther King, a man of non-violent rebellion opined that an unjust law is no law at all and must be resisted. He was of course referring to the injurious segregation laws that at their core regarded and treated people of color as inferior beings. These laws were egregious contradictions of the very tenets of the American experience as expressed in the declaration of independence. In which case men and women of goodwill will often engage in civil disobedience and be prepared to be jailed for it. These laws were usually clearcut and were unambiguously injurious to the aggrieved. Such laws as the Jim Crow era laws of the pre civil rights years and the Apartheid laws of the minority government of South Africa, which kept Mandela in prison for almost 3 decades were by no means victimless laws. They were designed specifically to malign segments of society based on the false premise of racial inequality. There’s no equivalency here with Kim’s action/ inaction mainly because Kim will be hard pressed to demonstrate injury. What is far more worrisome is a situation where one uses the expression of a right as cover for denying another the freedoms or rights provided by another law. The point here is that you can’t break a law to enforce another. Exactly! The rampant abuse of the 1st amendment is deplorable. On a basic level, if you have a right to speak, does Eustace not have a right to not listen?

Now let’s view this through the prism of Kim’s 1st amendment right of freedom of religion. The Founding Fathers were a collection of extraordinarily visionary people. Looking back to what they had to work with and their environment and circumstances, it is amazing how much foresight they were blessed with. That a significant majority of the principles they put forth in the late 18th century remain our indispensable guides two and half centuries later is evidence, some say, of divine providence. The Founders explicitly guaranteed us the freedom of religion alongside the freedoms of speech, the press, assembly and the right to petition in the 1st Amendment. That means we have the right to worship as we deem fit, so long as by so doing, we don’t step on the rights of another. They also recognized the demerits of a Theocracy and therefore explicitly prohibited any attempt to establish a state sponsored or sanctioned religion. That is why ours is a secular state.

Predominantly Christian, but not officially Christian. The Founders also put in place provisions to strictly prohibit any requirements for religious bona fides or prerequisites for seeking public office. So for this reason, Eustace knows for a fact that when Kim ran for elective office, it wasn’t for Mother Superior! This is a very important lesson for many public office holders and seekers. You must always remember that your constituents are never ever a completely monolithic and homogeneous collection. The one thing that binds us together is the law that is designed to apply to all equally without any considerations or exceptions based on race, color, religion, creed, social status or sexual orientation. Public office holders must realize that while their religious beliefs can be guiding principles for the way they comport themselves, they must also recognize that their jobs are secular. You are public servants not public masters or feudal lords. We are a country or laws, not theological rules and r egulations based on the premise that we all worship alike. This among others is what separates us from the likes of Iran or for that matter ISIS.

Now on the morality and humanity of Kim’s position. Eustace doesn’t believe any of the Abrahamic faiths or any of the world’s major religions condones or encourages homosexuality, but he’ll accept corrections where he’s wrong. As a Christian however, Eustace can say with absolute certainty that homosexuality is considered an abominal sin in the Christian faith. Very distasteful in the eyes of God. The problem though is that many erroneously believe, or have been led to believe that homosexuality is more sin than adultery or prostitution or any other sin for that matter. This is a malicious misconception that has been widely disseminated either out of ignorance or sheer deceitfulness. You don’t believe me? Go ahead and read the texts in Galatians 5:21 as well as 1st Corinthians 6:9-11. And no, Eustace isn’t telling what it says, lest you think he made it up to fit his viewpoint. Seek it. Find it. Read it. Then return to this.

In the holy bible, God oftentimes used adultery and prostitution to represent the detestable misdeeds of his people. So lets be clear that sin is sin is sin. You definitely have to give Kim kudos for her strong convictions on this matter. Kim found this sin despicable enough to go to jail for. This left her deputies with the responsibility to sign in her stead and thereby creating the possible limbo that these licenses may or may not be valid in the long run. Its a mess in Rowan county, Kentucky. Ask Kim and she’ll be the first to tell you she didn’t crave the limelight. “I didn’t want any of the publicity” she cooed. Too late for that Kim! You could’ve fairly quietly resigned your post Kim and spared us this circus. We were doing just fine following the Donald! And to see presidential candidates stepping over each other to headline the “welcome from jail Kim” rally makes you wonder; wtf? What’s the fuss? (Get your mind out of the gutter my friend). Bishop gurvnor Huckabee be at senator Ted “T.P” Cruz (tea party sweetheart) to the stage. He said among other things that he’s prepared to go to jail in her (Kim’s) place. Maybe Bishop guv owes us some jail time on his own merit. As governor of Arkansas, Bishop in 1999, commuted and early-released a convicted rapist who shortly thereafter committed a heinous rape and homicide of a minor. He followed that up with the commutation and release of a career criminal who was later implicated in the murder of 4 policemen in the state of Washington. Eustace says criminal negligence! So maybe some time is due Bishop guv, but Eustace digress! Back to Kim. The picture being portrayed of Kim in some quarters is that of a righteous and perhaps chaste woman who would stand up against any law she perceives as immoral. On that note, a little reflection is in order. Kim like the rest of us is no saint (save for Ronald Reagan!) In fact, quite the contrary. Kim has led a life probably more colorful than most. Right out of her Wiki page, we learn Kim has been married four times to three different men. The first three marriages ended in divorce in 1994, 2006 and 2008. She is the mother of twins, who were born five months after her divorce from her first husband. Her third husband is the biological father of the twins who were adopted by her second husband, Joe Davis, who is also her fourth and current husband. Her twins were conceived by another man who was later to become her third husband, while she was married to her first husband. Kim is the holder of 3 divorce certificates and 4 marriage certificates! All of this was before she found the Lord and turned her life around. And Eustace gets that. It is however borderline hypocrisy for Kim to claim the moral high ground with a record like her’s. And that is what Eustace dislikes!

When President Clinton was impeached for merely wagging his finger and redefining “sex” and “is”, (aaalright, he did more than that!), he gave an impassioned speech in which he again expressed his regrets regarding his indiscretions (or for not getting to a certain blue dress first, but “what difference does it make”). He then promised to unflinchingly continue to devote his time and energy to the business of the people. He expressed his regret for the distraction the scandal had caused and besought the nation to rise from the ashes of the scandal and join hands with him to propel the nation forward. As he wrapped up and turned to leave, a question sifted through the air. How would he manage to work with opponents who had relentlessly persecuted and prosecuted him, he was asked. This was designed to be a quick and brief Rose Garden huddle, certainly with no Q&A planned. Clinton returned to the podium and answered to the effect that he who seeks forgiveness must himself forgive. Wow! He got it! Game, set, match. Scandal over! It’s a very basic principle that for some inexplicable reason confounds many. The Pontiff, leader of the Petrine Ministry, Primate of Italy, Bi shop of Rome, the Holy Father, His Holiness, Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ and head of the Holy See, is no supporter of same sex marriage. He however carries with him a message of compassion, love, acceptance, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness.

Concerning gay people, the Pope said if someone is gay and is seeking Christ, “who am I to judge”? Who am I to judge! Indeed the holy book tells us in the gospel according to Matthew chapter 7 and verses 1 and beyond, that we should judge not, else we’ll ourselves be judged. We should remove the planks in our eyes so we can have an unimpeeded view of the speck in another’s eyes.

Now, Eustace believes Kim has every right to not participate in any of this and frankly Eustace isn’t sure what he’d do under same circumstances. Eustace thinks it’ll best to exercise that right without infringing on the rights of another – extricate yourself rather than start a crusade.

Time for some more introspection. Please close your eyes. Yes please go ahead do close your eyes. Ok, Eustace guesses you may have to read this first before you do. Imagine Jess and Jane Huckleberry-Doe, marching excitedly towards the Rowan county courthouse in a bid to go get their marriage certified, family and friends in tow. Imagine the clerk telling them nope, no can do! Imagine that her (the clerk) name is Kiminatu al-Davisi al-Kentoki. Imagine she had to peep through her Burka/Habib to tell Jane and Jess a resounding NO! Now imagine the outrage! Exactly! Now open your eyes. Yes, exactly!

Kim Jong Un is sabre rattling in Pyongyang. Kim Davis is flouting the law in Kentucky. Eustace wonders who’s more dangerous!

And the people said:

Trump: I’m very rich. I’m boycotting Fox News. Because I can. Rubio is a kid. I’m truly rich, believe me!

Gov Walker: I’m down. I’m out. The rest of you are. You just don’t know it yet. Go trump! Just kiddin! Meant “Go Away Trump”!

Pope Francis; we all must get along (in Latin)

Dr Carson: the Pope can’t run. He visited a mosque. He’s Muslim!

Bishop gov: i need prison. Send me to the max. Hello El Chapo!

Koboko: the #1 cause for marital problem and divorce is marriage! Just saying!

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